Friday, February 29, 2008

Honey Bee Hunting

I shall say, this may be my first risky operation!!!

When we noticed a hive of bumblebees gathered around few number of seedlings, my naughty friend caught-up with some fantastic idea.

"Hey man those are just some honey bees. Why don't you try for some good snaps?"

I went some more closer to their playground to have a good look upon them. Oops... one bee landed on my camera!!. Such a good place for him to rest! I got shocked to realize it is not a Honey bee, but some type of wild bug. Could be much more dangerous one. A more aggressive hive. I was not ready take that much risk initially. I decided to backoff little, thinking that I can take snaps using optical zoom provided.

1..2..3 clicks went on.... Look the best one I got!!!

Nothing is coming into snap focus. Just some bunch of flowers. The bees are moving so fast that, by the time I set focus upon one with huge effort, it would have flown from that flower. Trying to follow the fly using view finder is also failing as I was working with a good level of zoom and I need to change the zoom at the same time. Pictures were not getting shake only because of good sunlight and thanks to Image stabilization technology provided in the machine. But all these will not satisfy my requirement. Finally I decided to take little more risk. Go little more closer.

and so here is the result.

Clickof the Instance- If I misses one second It will be only those flowers, not the bee.

Landing for honey..

Let me have a rest for one moment...

OK. This is the first and last time. No more chances. take one.

Nothing is there inside????

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