Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Flowers Vs Grains

It is not clear that weather this is a flower or just a grain of the plant. More it looks like a grain only. Among several plants, this is the only one, which had such a flower or growth. However, it looks amazing among others... Easily, distinguishable among the lobby.

I had a play around upon my camera's manual macro focus functionality and I think you can easily identify the difference from different pictures. I remember the heavy breeze, which made the object move very frequently to and fro from my focus making the many pictures shake, or completely out from my focus point, the difficulty I came across during these snaps.

Super Macro Focus - Notice the focus getting out at each centimeter.

Middle Focus - Focus is in the middle the two ends are blurred out..

Not a macro - Just focused from closet point were I can get object in focus.

Normal Manual Focus.

Focus on the edge

1 comment:

Annis said...

Good comparsion :) I like th middle focus more ..

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