Friday, February 29, 2008

Honey Bee Hunting

I shall say, this may be my first risky operation!!!

When we noticed a hive of bumblebees gathered around few number of seedlings, my naughty friend caught-up with some fantastic idea.

"Hey man those are just some honey bees. Why don't you try for some good snaps?"

I went some more closer to their playground to have a good look upon them. Oops... one bee landed on my camera!!. Such a good place for him to rest! I got shocked to realize it is not a Honey bee, but some type of wild bug. Could be much more dangerous one. A more aggressive hive. I was not ready take that much risk initially. I decided to backoff little, thinking that I can take snaps using optical zoom provided.

1..2..3 clicks went on.... Look the best one I got!!!

Nothing is coming into snap focus. Just some bunch of flowers. The bees are moving so fast that, by the time I set focus upon one with huge effort, it would have flown from that flower. Trying to follow the fly using view finder is also failing as I was working with a good level of zoom and I need to change the zoom at the same time. Pictures were not getting shake only because of good sunlight and thanks to Image stabilization technology provided in the machine. But all these will not satisfy my requirement. Finally I decided to take little more risk. Go little more closer.

and so here is the result.

Clickof the Instance- If I misses one second It will be only those flowers, not the bee.

Landing for honey..

Let me have a rest for one moment...

OK. This is the first and last time. No more chances. take one.

Nothing is there inside????

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine Gift

My Valentine gift to Digital Photography...

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Flowers Vs Grains

It is not clear that weather this is a flower or just a grain of the plant. More it looks like a grain only. Among several plants, this is the only one, which had such a flower or growth. However, it looks amazing among others... Easily, distinguishable among the lobby.

I had a play around upon my camera's manual macro focus functionality and I think you can easily identify the difference from different pictures. I remember the heavy breeze, which made the object move very frequently to and fro from my focus making the many pictures shake, or completely out from my focus point, the difficulty I came across during these snaps.

Super Macro Focus - Notice the focus getting out at each centimeter.

Middle Focus - Focus is in the middle the two ends are blurred out..

Not a macro - Just focused from closet point were I can get object in focus.

Normal Manual Focus.

Focus on the edge

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Lalbag Flower Show Jan 2008

Every year there used to be flower shows happen in Lalbag Botanical Garden. The first one generally happens on every January 26 and second one on all August 15. It is radiant during August 15 show both in terms of rush and content. Many in Bangalore would be recollecting the news referring to the issues in Botanical garden flower show due to the tremendous rush and the damage caused to assets.

This time it looked like not much commuter traffic was not there. We opted to walk to Lalbag as it was only 1-2 Km from Nimhans, one of my brother's workplace. From the entrance itself, we noticed a lot of street business going on. We continued to main location, the Glass House where flower show is happening. In the entrance of the glass house, security systems like Metal detectors were placed. Since it is the last day of flower show and because it’s Sunday, I think rush is little more. After keeping with the queue for about 5 minutes, we entered into glass house. While entering my expectations about taking some good snaps was little high. As soon as I entered the house, I found, all the area inside Glass House is filled with flowers and leaves of different colors. Soon or later I powered on my Camera and started clicking. The main hurdle in taking the picture was the walking people. I always try to avoid people from Pictures, especially for one, which I am targeting at ultra focus, is some scenery object. After trying for some few snaps, I got it clear about one thing...No good snaps this time. Because it is inside a building (though its roof is completely glass), scarcity of light is affecting the quality. Most of them were shaken. I changed my camera settings from creative mode to auto in order to prevent it from shaking. But this resulted in higher noise in snaps, reducing its quality to a large extent.

Some of the snaps I got from there. See it down.

All generations - Egg to death

Somebody experts in flowers and plants please help ... Really speaking I don't know it's names...
Pic -1

Pic -2

Pic -3

The only snap I got, which come at least near to my satisfactory level

Heaven of All Colors

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