Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Beauty of Mid Night - Full Moon day.

Believe me it is taken on 9pm. No effects added!!!. Used tripod and kept camera shutter open for 15 seconds with little aperture priority settings. That's all.....

hmm looks like some horror movie clip??? A zoomed picture of Moon in a good angle.

Full Moon at it's best!!!!

Full Moon at it's best!!!! - Who is looking better the Moon or the Tree?


Koshy said...

Love your photos always...Plz keep clicking 'em!!!

anil said...

hi shijo
starting way is perfact
keep hit on cliking button..
pls get some lockel pictures if u can
anil cherian

Digitally Inspired said...

Thanks Koshy... Happy to see that its working... :)

and anil...many many thanks for those useful comments....

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